Price List

The customer will always be contacted before any work involving extra costs is carried out. POA for motor glider and LAA aircraft.Labour rate £55.00 per hour.BGA fees are not included below.
 Single seat Two seat/Open class 
Annual Inspection/service and ARC renewal *  £450.00
+£40.00 18m
+£70.00 forself sustainer units.
+£70.00 for self sustainer units.
Annual Inspection/service Annex II* £390.00  £395.00 
Weight and balance  £155.00  £220.00 
Hard wax and polish
Hard wax if glider already in w/shop 
Hand polish 
Hand polish if glider already in w/shop 

All Prices are VAT exempt
*Prices for annual inspections will include most AD’s or special inspections but in certain cases extra charges will have to be made.  Should extra charges be applicable we will always contact the customer prior to the work being carried out. t